It’s about practice. The more you do it the better you get at it. It could be that when so much awareness, power, and ability coming through a small throughput which is the mouth, so when it all tries to come out at one time it comes out garbled often misunderstood, however when you get up to the awareness of all the other ways you can communicate other than English, this allows you to deal with that part, you’d be inspired to have that connection than be in some type of fear. 

Trauma does impact the way we engage the world. Ease back on the self judgment, it is what it is. As 5 being Knowledge and Ambidexterity, there’s a lot of knowledge and intension to communicating and the capacity of using both sides of the brain and bring forth the message in a profound way. Ease back on self judgment, the frustration of it not coming out the way you want to may be adding to the issue.

As a 5 you are very active, they have to slow their cycles down, because the brain is very active. In awakening in the morning there In the Harish numerology book, there’s a specific mantra for number 5. Its advised at sunrise to write the mantra down in a circle, and what this does it gets the brain and the mind and your motor skills and gets the reflex going and helps to get the system to slow down. Also the alternative nostril breath, so breathing in through the left nostril, while closing the right nostril, holding the breath, and then breathing out through the right nostril while closing the left nostril, and the other way around. If you do these two exercises in the morning it will help to calm you down. 

For number 5, their service to people is based on Karma yoga, which means service to others, and by them putting their services forward gives them that confidence because they are driven by communication. 

Increasing Magnesium levels, and salad intakes. The dominant color for number 5 is green, so walking in nature, being in nature, drinking green juices, trying to meditate, also the alternative nostril breath before bead is great. You can also check which nostril is more dominant, by breathing through your nose on your hand and you can feel which one is more dominant, and when you’re going to sleep its better to have your left nostril be more dominant so the Right Hemisphere is more dominant so you can go into a relaxed state. So if the right nostril is more dominant, you just have to breathe through your left nostril for half an hour, because this increases your breath through the ether meridian ,which is the moon, and helps with the creation process while you sleep. 

A lot of times Trauma/Pain is stored in the voice. So if you feel that your stuttering its an opportunity to look into where that tightness came from which is self inquiring, dipping into your memories, or early childhood, or finding a coach or someone that can help you unpack perhaps why there is tension or tension when speaking your truth. Or sharing what feels true to you. Sometimes in some states its easier to flow, so finding that state to shift your energy to melt the blockages of the stutter. Each Chakra has a seed sound, that activates the very center point of each Chakra. And the sound for the Throat Chakra (which has to do with communication) is HUM, and that activates that point of that Charkra. Theres many YouTube videos of HUM sounds, or even saying it yourself as your writing the mantra. Emerald is that crystal friend that can aid with self empowerment and balance in your nervous system. 

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