Will scoliosis prevent my ascension?

Path 4 - The Maverick

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Body is just the physical. Your real vessel is internal. Meditate go within. Go internal, practice visualization of going through these chakras. A lot is done in the spiritual plane. Sometimes or impediment is our gift, and specially because you don’t have a concentration of energy in the physical space.

As 4, your gift is building foundations, for building that square, seeing all sides and bringing stability. Being able to stay still to get anything done, so grounding practices, as you weave up the ladder of light, it is your destiny, there’s way to do it, you will get there.

That electromagnetic cleanse, that rainbow reaching up to the sky every time and you’ll get there

You have range to bring your spine into alignment, knowing that within yourself that you do have the power to bring it into alignment, little by little. So many cases of people being able to do this, whether it’s through massage therapy. Joe Dispenza talks a lot about rebuilding segments of your spine that were shattered. Building a system of maybe of an hour here and there, getting on the yoga mat, of breathing. Know the cards we’ve been dealt, we’ve been given because we got the equal measure to over come that. 

On the Secret Energy Page, Go to the Wellness Guide, under the Bones tab, that’s something you can tap into directly to get more nourishment with those elements in your body that you need to sustain yourself.

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