Because you know truth now, it’s more beneficial to stay in alignment with that, because you’ll put the pieces together and unlock so many different things and become so much wise once you step into adulthood. Let the path make the way for you. Stay focused. Spirituality will keep teaching you, answer your call and keep going with this. If you remain focused and remained grounded and you’ll get to wherever you want to get to in life.

Start with the best which is the breath, concentrate on your breath, with the most powerful breath work, Surya yoga (nostril breathing), you can control your brain, your conscious, your super conscious.

Try not to judge other allow other to come into themselves, be a guide to help others, but allow people to be in that space that as you when you came into the truth.

You have so many tools and resources, you have a whole Tribe, breathe. Connect with the elders, take a breath, have fun with it. Be patient with yourself, you will keep expanding, As a 2, be patient with yourself, learn, with your sensitive and artistic nature, start to learn when you change and nature changes.  Don’t be afraid of your dual nature. You’ll be the teacher in the guide later on. 

As a giver, carry that into your space. Read everything about your path. The specifics about how to look into you.

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