Updated July 20, 2020

Important Note: Currently WealthyBot works with Binance.com and Binance.us the difference in these exchanges is based on your location. Binance US is for US citizens while Binance.com is International. Join our live chat if you need assistance after reading all documentation here.

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If you know nothing about Cryptocurrency or the technical terms and processes confuse you we recommend reading the Cryptocurrency Bible linked here first.

WealthyBot is not an exchange and does not trade your cryptocurrency directly. All of your cryptocurrency including your profits are being held in your exchange i.e. Binance. Wealthybot will make trades utilizing the cryptocurrency Tether (USDT). You can purchase or exchange all major cryptocurrencies for Tether inside your exchange. Wealthybot will trade with your Tether (USDT) balance from your exchange wallet.

All credits that you purchase inside of our software is to pay Wealthybot its fee for executing the automated trading process.  

WealthyBot Credits are to pay the fees that the bot collects on your profits, this amount is 20%. Credits are not the investment capital that you will be trading with. Do not exchange all the investment capital you plan to trade with into Wealthybot credits. This capital should go into your Binance exchange account in the form of Tether. If you are confused by these please contact support.

Wealthybot Fee Example: If WealthyBot opens a position via your exchange and this position is closed for a $100 profit WealthyBot will debit 20% of this profit from your credits at a 1/1 ratio. This will amount to 20 credits the equivalent of $20. Credits are only used to debit profits and pay Wealthybot, not to trade with. 

Note: Our simulator is free when you are ready for "live" trading. You must have a minimum of $150 in your exchange and $30 in WealthyBot credits. When you are ready read the article linked here for more information about starting a live automated trader.

Trader Strategy Differences

The Wealthybot trader setting will not buy or sell on the high/low but will attempt to find the medium that is close to these points. This allows for a lower probability of risk of loss overall.

The UpDown setting will sell the position whenever you have reached the exact percentage of profit that you have indicated in your trader. It will not attempt to achieve a higher percentage. The High and Low setting will also make a purchase every 1.5% exchange rate difference. I suggest setting a SIM for both of these trader options to see which one would be more beneficial for your portfolio desire.

Enable Average Purchase Amount

This feature allows you to determine the average investment size per trader.

By default, the system calculates with investment sizes of 18% of your available USDT balance at the exchange. As a result, if you want to activate multiple traders, the individual investments are not the same size everywhere. Your capital is therefore not distributed equally. With this function, you can now correct that.

By entering your desired investment size in USDT at the trader level at “Enable average purchase amount”, you can now also manage your investment size.


• If you do not fill in this area, the pocket size is always a maximum of 18% of your freely available USDT balance in the exchange.

• The minimum investment size for all exchanges will always remain at 25 USDT so be sure not to enter an amount lower than this.

If the remaining USDT amount in the exchange is less than 50% of the average purchase amount you have set, the trader will decrease the last investment by this amount.

Example 1:
If the available USDT amount in the exchange is 375 USDT and you choose 250 USDT as your average purchase amount because less than 50% remains in the exchange the purchase amount will still be 375 USDT.

Example 2:
If the available USDT amount in the exchange is 376 USDT
and you choose 250 USDT as your average purchase amount since 126 USDT remains in the exchange which is more than 50%, your last purchase will be for 126 USDT.

Start a free Simulator

The simplest way to learn how to set up a simulator is to log in to your account first and then click the button below. This will launch the onscreen tutorial. You must be logged into your Wealthybot account before pressing the button.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results, you are using WealthyBot at your own risk. If you do not feel competent in trading cryptocurrency please consult a licensed financial advisor. Nobody in our forums, website, or chats have been authorized to give you financial advice on behalf of Wealthybot. 

If your account is inactive for over 1 year (365) calendar days your credits will be lost.


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