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Introduction to Wealthybot
What is a Trader (Bot)
Quick Start Guide
How do I use the Simulator?
Getting Started with Wealthybot
HODL and REINVEST Profit Strategy
What is the difference between the Up/Down and Wealthybot Trading Strategy?
Can I get a refund on Wealthybot credits?
How do I create an API with Binance?
Coinbase Advanced New Integration Instructions
Connect the ByBit Exchange
Kucoin API Integration
Wealthybot has not made a purchase.
Why is my Simulator not making purchases?
How do I take profits?
How do I exchange BTC/ETH for USDT in Binance.
Why won't my Trader sell the position at the profit percentage I set?
Some of my traders are making a purchase but others are not.
Why is the Up/Down strategy not selling at the exact percentage I indicated?
How do "Credits" work?
How do I participate in the Wealthybot Affiliate Program?
What should I do if I get an Overpaid or Underpaid notice after purchasing credits?
What will happen if I run out of credits?
Why does Wealthybot dashboard says I have profits but I do not see them in the exchange?
Manual Sell gives an error
How do I manually sell a Trade on Binance?
How does Wealthybot make money?
What is the minimum that I need for Wealthybot to work?
How can I reduce exchange fees?
How does the "enable average purchase amount" feature work?
What countries can I use WealthyBot in currently?
How do I buy credits in the United States?
How can I buy credits in Europe?
I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, where should I start?
How much will WealthyBot trade "per trade"?
Can I manually trade in the exchange Wealthybot is attached to?
Is there a chat group for WealthyBot?
How do I delete a Trader?
How do I stop a Trader from purchasing but let it close the current positions?
What does the hold command do?
My purchase transaction has a red cross in the status area, what does this mean?
What exchanges does WealthyBot work with?
Is WealthyBot illegal?
Will you be adding more trading pairs?
Do you have an affiliate or referral program with WealthyBot?
Can I use cryptocurrency to fund credits in WealthyBot?
Why is there no Stop Loss?
What does the Maximum Opened Purchases setting do?
How does the Reserved Amount setting work?
What does Stop Purchases Above a Certain Rate" do?
What does Enable Average Purchasing Amount do?
What is an API and how do I use it?
I can't login, why has my account been disabled?
How to setup a Wealthybot Trader
What Trading Pairs Are Available in Wealthybot?
Glitched or Stuck Position
Kucoin - My Trader has not made a purchase.