An Overpaid or Underpaid notice from the Coinbase Gateway will result in the need for us to approval or refund your payment manually. This amount is generally small and based on the fluctuation of the market during the time of transfer. In the event this has happened to you please send us the following here in Intercom.

  1. A copy of your Coinbase receipt including your Transaction ID. This ID contains 8 Alphanumeric Characters. Transaction ID Sample - (DDW678HY)

  2. Your Wealthybot Email address.

  3. Your Cryptocurrency Wallet Address to send a refund if necessary.

After we review this transaction we will determine if we will send you a refund or resolve the purchase. Once resolved you will receive your credits. If the amount difference it too low or high to quickly resolve we will issue a refund to the address you have indicated.

Why do Overpaid and Underpaid transactions occur?

This can happen if one or any of the following things take place during checkout.

  • The amount of GWEI was not enough to fulfill the purchase amount.

  • The market change during the confirmation period was drastic enough to offset the values.

  • An incorrect amount was entered during the purchase.

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