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Why won't my Trader sell the position at the profit percentage I set?
Why won't my Trader sell the position at the profit percentage I set?

Reason a trader will not sell a position when it reaches the profit percentage you set.

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There can be multiple reasons a Trader is not placing a sale order and we will explain those that are most likely here. Always keep in mind that you can manually sell any position by going into your exchange (Binance) and manually placing a sell order there.

Reason 1

You are using the Wealthybot Trading Strategy. As mentioned in the trading strategy section of the documentation the Wealthybot Strategy calculates moving averages to determine when it is the best time to hold or liquidate the position. This data is cumulative over time. If there is a strong long-term uptrend this may even lead to the Trader choosing not to sell a position even if it has dipped below a previous high percent without selling. For example, your trader gets well above your profit percentage to a high of 20% but does not sell, then the coin dips lower than that percentage and the high profit is lost for the moment. If you wish to manually close this position to take the profits you can always do so. Again, the Strategy could be detecting that the market is in a long term uptrend.

Reason 2

You have confused the Trader by changing the settings too often. It is possible to glitch a trader when toggling and changing the settings too often. When a setting is changed a command must be sent to Binance via API for the script to change. Doing this before the previous command is executed sometimes confuses the system. Allow at least 30 seconds between setting changes. If you feel this may be the case it is best to manually sell the position and recreate a new Trader.

No two Traders are the same. They each have a different dataset due to the time they entered the market and the condition of the market during that time. This can be the case even if two Traders were created seconds apart.

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