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Manual Sell gives an error
Manual Sell gives an error

Instructions on why your manual sell option may not be working and how to fix it.

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Updated April 17, 2021

First, try refreshing your page and repeating the action once. Do not press the button multiple times. If this does not work proceed further with this article.

Special Note: We are aware of an error due to high blockchain activity that is causing positions that have already closed to still appear in the Wealthybot dashboard. These positions will give an error code when trying to manually sell because they have already been sold. We recommend placing them on "pause". This will be addressed in our next major update.

Note for Binance Coin (BNB) Issues: If you have activated lower exchange fees by using Binance Coin BNB to pay your transaction fees this will affect your Binance Coin (BNB) balances. The error you are receiving is when the coin balance in the exchange are not the same as the coin balance in Wealthybot so it cannot close the sale. A simple fix is to purchase the missing amount and then return to the trader and close the sell.

In most cases the cryptocurrency balance in your exchange account is not sufficient to execute the order. Take a moment to check your cryptocurrency account balance on the exchange i.e. Binance. Does the Cryptocurrency balance of the coin you are trying to sell match or exceed the cryptocurrency amount of the trade you want to sell? In most cases the, "unknown error when trying to sell transaction" means that you don't have enough cryptocurrency on the exchange to execute the trade. This happens if you manually closed/sold the position or cryptocurrency in the exchange or removed it.

This can also be caused by doing manual actions, i.e. (selling/buying), on the exchange and depleting the amount needed to close the transaction. If this happens at any point it can glitch a Trader causing it to not sell the position in the future properly. Always make sure you have over the balance of the coin at all times if you plan to also manually trade inside of your exchange.

Pressing the manual sell command in rapid execution will also cause a Trader to malfunction. Every time you press the manual sell option press it once and allow a few minutes for it to execute the entire process. Keep in mind it is literally sending a sell order to the exchange that must be fulfilled. If your trader is not manually selling you will need to create a new Trader to re-enable this option as it will not fix itself.

Always keep in mind you can always go into your exchange and manually sell the position.

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