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Connect the ByBit Exchange
Connect the ByBit Exchange
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Create an account with Bybit

If you do not yet have an account with Bybit, first go to and choose to create a login option.

What you need: Working email address, Passport, Mobile phone, Phone number and the Google Authenticator app.

After you have created a login and verified your specified email (by confirming an email from ByBit), choose 'Identity Verification' in the main menu. You will now enter a KYC process (KYC = Know Your Client) in which you will prove to ByBit that you are who you say you are (using a passport or identity card), and you provide your personal bank account and your telephone number.

You will arrive at the following screen:

Choose "Verify Now" here

You will then receive a number of screens, of which the following is the first. Once you have completed the screens, you have completed the verification procedure.

It may take a few hours before your verification is also approved by ByBit.

Create API key in Bybit

After you have been verified, you can choose a drop-down menu in the main menu at the top right via the personal icon. Select "API" here. the next screen appears:

Choose: "Create New Key"

If you have not yet set up 2FA authentication, you will see the following screen:

After you have installed 2FA with Google Athenticator, you can continue with the next screen (divided into 2 images). Make sure you do not activate "withdrawals" in the settings!

Click on "submit" and the following screen will appear:

Copy your API key and your API Secret key to your notepad. You will need both of these in the Wealthybot application shortly.

Choose "Understood"

You are now finished with the API process in Bybit.

Close Bybit and go to BitBrokerTrade

Go to the Settings/exchanges menu and select the "Add exchange" button

Select "Bybit"

Enter the API keys you copied to your notepad and then choose "Add".

The API connection is immediately tested and the status becomes "active".

The next step is to activate a trader for the Bybit environment. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

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