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Kucoin API Integration
Kucoin API Integration
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How to Obtain an API Key for Wealthybot

Log in to your KuCoin account.

  1. Click on the profile button in the upper-right corner and select API Management.

  2. Now click on Create API.

  3. Important: Enter a name for your API key and your own passphrase.

  4. Grant the Trade API key permission, as shown in the image below by selecting "Spot".

  5. Also select No for IP restriction.

  6. Now click Next and confirm with your trading, e-mail and 2FA codes and activate your API key.

  7. Your API key and Secret are now visible in the API-List.
    โ€‹Your Secret is now shown only once and available to copy!

  8. Select KuCoin from the list of exchanges in Wealthybot, and then copy the API key and the Secret into the designated fields. Confirm your entries by clicking enter. Done!

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