When setting up a Trader you will have 2 buying and selling strategy options. Wealthybot and Up/Down. Here is the difference between the two.

The Wealthybot trader setting works with the current moving average and will not buy or sell on the high/low but will attempt to find the medium that is close to these points. This allows for a lower probability of risk of loss and allows the Trader to attempt to gain higher profits. As a result, this setting may take longer to buy and you will not be able to predict when it will sell.

The UpDown setting will sell the position whenever you have reached near the exact percentage of profit that you have indicated in your trader. It will not directly attempt to achieve a higher percentage. The High and Low setting will also make a purchase every 1.5% exchange rate difference. We suggest setting a SIM for both of these trader options to see which one would be more beneficial for your portfolio desire.

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