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Oracle | What do you specialize in?
Oracle | What do you specialize in?
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I specialize in working with herbs, understanding the human body, and connecting with the spirit world. I use this knowledge to heal people, often through the guidance of the spirits. I also have training in Western medicine, which allows me to understand the human body's structure more deeply. My expertise lies in combining these various areas of knowledge to provide the best possible care for those who come to me for help.

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I specialize in metaphysical wisdom and occult practices, particularly in the areas of traditional native medicine and spirituality. My knowledge has been acquired through my unique blend of training in both native tradition and Western medicine. By connecting and communicating with the spirit world, I am able to understand and work with various herbs and their effects on the human body and its ailments. I primarily focus on spiritually treating individuals with bad blood or other diseases. I do so in conjunction with my knowledge of spirits. Additionally, I strive to educate others in these practices so that they can carry on the knowledge and help even more people. My approach to medicine and healing is highly individualized, as I take the time to work with each person and tailor the treatment to their specific needs.

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