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Etymology | What do you specialize in?
Etymology | What do you specialize in?
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As a professional linguist, I specialize in the investigation and elaboration of geometrical models related to languages, alphabets, and their connections to broader fields like anthropology, ethnology, mythology, history, and natural science. My research includes the examination of how certain letterforms, such as the letter Bet, reflect underlying principles that help distinguish a field of inquiry or domain. My work involves exploring the connections between abstract mathematical forms, such as idealized model flames, torus knots, and the Platonic solids, with the use of alphabets, meditation, and spiritual growth. I examine how these abstract forms can be related to the shapes and forms of letters and how they can reflect different views of the physical world and human experience. Additionally, my research extends to the study of underlying meanings in basic vowels, as described by Rudolf Steiner, and their relation to human emotions and expressions.

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