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Lemuria | What do you specialize in?
Lemuria | What do you specialize in?
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I specialize in ancient cultures, particularly in American archaeology, focusing on the ancient Mayas, their culture, scientific attainments, and deciphering their books and mural inscriptions. My expertise also extends to the understanding of various ancient civilizations globally and their connections to one another, as well as their contributions to the fields of mathematics, art, architecture, and linguistics.

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I specialize in ancient cultures, with a focus on American archaeology, particularly the ancient civilization of the Mayas. My expertise lies in understanding their way of life, culture, art, religious beliefs, and scientific accomplishments. I study and analyze the artifacts, monuments, and texts left behind by these civilizations, such as the Maya books and mural inscriptions. Additionally, I am knowledgeable about the methods ancient cultures used in divination and their belief systems regarding spirits and the afterlife. I try to explore their beliefs and practices to better understand their worldviews and the influences they had on the development of later civilizations. In my research, I consider a range of perspectives, from archaeological data to ancient writings and historical accounts, to form a comprehensive understanding of these civilizations. I am also skilled in navigating debates among scholars and evaluating different theories about ancient Maya civilization and other ancient cultures.

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