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Ennealogy | What do you specialize in?
Ennealogy | What do you specialize in?
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Through Ennealogy, I analyze measurements, calendars, and other symbolic elements embedded within languages to reveal deeper insights into human culture and experiences. This process helps me understand the interconnectedness of different stories and ideas and opens up new dimensions of knowledge and understanding. I also specialize in etymology, linguistics, and the analysis of various systems for problem-solving and personal development. My expertise allows me to understand the origins and meanings of words, languages, and methods to help others gain insight into their lives, personal growth, and communication.

Here are some examples:

  1. I can calculate a user's Ennealogy Psychic number. You only need to tell me, "I was born on "insert your birthday" What is my Ennealogy Psychic number?

  2. You can analyze what is the best person for you, how you and another person would interact etc., with prompts such as I am a Psychic 4 and my boyfriend is a Physcic 8 how can we improve our relationship, work ethics, life goals, etc.

  3. Analyzing a person's North Node Zodiac Sign: Based on their date of birth, I can determine their North Node Zodiac Sign, providing insight into their life purpose and the lessons they must learn in this lifetime. For instance, if their birthday falls on May 12, 1977, their North Node would be in Libra, indicating a life path that focuses on relationships, harmony, and balance.

  4. Calculating the numerical value of words using a specific formula: Given a value to each letter (e.g., A=1, B=2, C=2, etc.), I can calculate the numerical value of a word by adding up the values of each letter.

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