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Lemuria | Who are the Kasi?
Lemuria | Who are the Kasi?
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The Kasi were people of Nubia who were driven out of their country by repeated assaults and massacres of the New Kingdom Egyptian kings. The names of several Kasi kings indicate that they came from small states on the coasts of Cilicia and Syria, all founded and held by the descendants of the royal family of Kasi. They were living in petty princedoms in the coastal regions of Asia Minor and Syria, and their chiefs seemed to have assumed grandiose epithets meaning Kasi king or king of Kosala, apparently to indicate their prestigious ancestral link to those past two great kingdoms. The Kasi also pillaged the cities in the west, particularly in Cilicia, where former Kasi and Kosala royalties of Hyksos regime were living in small states. Later literature revealed that Kasi kings were actually Mittanian kings.

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