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What is Storyteller and how do I use it?
What is Storyteller and how do I use it?
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Everyone has a story and Sibyl Storyteller is a new innovative way illustrate any story in a way that was not possible before generative technologies like text to image hit the scene.


  1. Upload a text or audio file into the Storyteller found by clicking the Storyteller tab in the Sibyl AI menu and clicking "Create New Story. (Note: Text File Limit is "" and the audio file limit is 15 minutes. You file size cannot exceed 25MB.

  2. After uploading a file select the dimensions you would like your images output as. The options are 16:9 (Landscape) 9:16 (Portrait) 1:1 (Square).

  3. Wait for the process to complete. This usually takes 1 - 3 minutes.

  4. You can now review your images.

Regenerating Images

You can regenerate an image up to 2 times. You can also edit the prompt associated with each image to hone the prompt in further to your desired output.


Up to 9 Images will be produced each Storyteller will run.

File Size Limit Must Be 25MB
Text File Limit will be 2000 words check your wordcount here.

Audio files can be no longer thn 15 minutes.

New Storyteller Tokens are awarded after every monthly subscription cycle, you can also purchase additional tokens for extended use.

If you would like to "upscale" your images further which means make them larger and even more colorful consider installing this incredible and free open source upscaler.


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