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What is Orgone Energy?
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Orgone energy is another term coined by Wilhelm Reich for Life force Energy, otherwise known as Chi or Ether. Orgone Energy produces warmth, which Reich saw as being beneficial for healing human mental and physical conditions. It was Wilhelm Reich who first invented Orgone Accumulator tools. Orgone is also another name for Negative Ions, which is the vibration or resonance found where nature is at its purest. These locations can be found around waterfalls, the ocean, lush vegetation and in nature. Orgone Energy 'mimics' the resonance of nature.
These natural Ley Lines, which are the energy meridians of the planet, produce Negative Ion or Orgone Energy, which is vital for our survival. This is because within an Orgone field (such as a Ley Line which is around 6 meters wide) there is an abundance of oxygen.
An Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) field caused by electrical equipment or other noxious energies produces noxious Positive Ions, which depletes oxygen levels. The average person can actually feel through their solar plexus a nice warm energetic feeling when exposed to Orgone Energy if it is configured properly. These are the beneficial health-giving effects of Negative Ions on our energy fields.

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