How are pinnacle cycles calculated?
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There are many terms, they say every 7 years we have a turnover, and there’s others. We can feel energy when its coming in and when it’s changing, We have the big hand on the clock that moves faster, which are changes that occur more frequently and the small hand on the clock where there’s a big lineup and then everything changes. Look within and see if that’s how you feel and look around you if you feel there’s a new pinnacle.  As Path 8, the slow path, it feels like you’re going to take longer to get to wherever it is that you think you are in route to. There’s a pinnacle every day, very breathe can be a pinnacle to shift the dynamic that you are experiencing, and have that sense of satisfaction and feel that you are accomplishing something which is important as that 8, that long run energy.Mayan calendar marks the pinnacle at 52 years and then your life starts again, so there’s different systems that mark those pinnacles but they can be at any moment, so enjoy them. 

The ancient Vedic scriptures, the process of enlightenment is the complete disappearance of the ego in each step, The Seven steps, called the seven bhumika's, when the ego incarnates into the body as the child and their angry tantrums, ages 7-14 when they start to be interested in the opposite sex, 14-21 they start to become more established with groups of people, 21-28  where you take on more responsibility, 28-35 your destiny starts to set in, ages 35-42 midlife crisis/reflection, 42-49 established the person starts to focus on their sole purpose, and ages 49-52 it’s like a rebirth, the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. 

Environment and experiences may propel you to that journey of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly at 19 or 20 something. Life happens. Use foundational tools and you choose what connects with you, none of it works if you don’t work, you identify and feel yourself. There is that dark side of you as an 8, ask yourself what do you need to work on from all these schools of thoughts and put that into practice, and what can you connect with your development and your growth. All numbers are significant depending where you are in life.  It seems as if we are building to something. They talk about children do their most of their development 1-7 but if that development doesn’t go as well, then that stage or foundation can be shaky, so as the being starts rising higher on their path they may find some instability.Which can connect sometimes when we receive things like current or responsibilities, or things that relied on our foundation to had been set properly, play key components how our energy flows and how successful our journey can be. So, bringing awareness, that you are building something, take time, especially in the reward part, you don’t want a premature building of your structure. If you feel rushed to be at a stage you aren’t ready for, it might not be developed properly. Cherish the cycles. We’re trying to skip phases but each phase needs to be developed properly.

As you go up, you become lighter. To be able to hold the weight of everything you need to be light.   

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