For 5, Mercury, communication is very important, while you think it’s not affecting you, it does affect things. There’s other ways of communication other than talking. Even if it’s family members that you are not getting along with those family members would be direct standing with ancestral family members. So the Tarpana would also apply here. 

As Master of Communication, if there’s an issue, you need to communicate it. Be the master of language, intuitively, verbally and with your emotions. Your role is to proactively deal with the communication. That’s mainly a challenge for you.  Surrendering to the law of change, having the patience of buffing out the space, even before you even reach them. Willing to getting to grow through those past perceptions of them. Patience, people change. 

Even as a master communicator, sometimes it’s hard to get through our family. Maybe having a third person that both of you trust there. There can be blocks and layers of pain that are there that make it hard for them to listen.

When there’s a dispute sometimes you go to arbitration. Our families have a bit more impact because they are under our armor, if you meet a stranger and have a dispute you can just let them go but a family member is still there, it’s something you can let go so it bothers you more than if it’s someone else. Those are phone lines that are blocked. You need to open up your phone lines as a Master communicator. 

Family members, we are in our families because of the karmic energies that we have with them, and why we have incarnated into our family structure to resolve that. Communication is not just through speaking. Other forms of communication like art, cooking, or just presence.  Holding that sense of presence with someone. One of the things Mercury has to learn, The Karma of Mercury is Karmic Yoga. Which means being of service to somebody through that communication. It’s often the spoken words that carries a lot of energies that the person doesn’t want to listen to.

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