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What are the main strengths for a Psychic 7 to build on?
What are the main strengths for a Psychic 7 to build on?
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7’s are so intelligent and smart and they have this excitement to want to get into something, and when they get into it they figure it out so fast, now it’s not exciting to them, it defeats the 7 motus to stick with something and stay on it. So, they have a tendency to go and find that next thing that is going to find them joy and happiness, like a fix.

It is really about finding that thing that gives you your foundation, you ground. 

It could be that you are someone that has ADHD, someone who gets bored easily, someone who is impatient, not being able to focus, has a lot of ideas and doesn’t know which one to manifest, and the answer is generally the same about the meditation! And how the meditation is so important to slow things down.

Instruments seem to be something for 7’s that is so kin to how they work, because theirs is predominantly a spiritual path, even though they come in to that later on, but they can use that ability to know how to listen to music and play music without reading notes, and to be able to work with tones very easily.

Our uniqueness is abundant, when we think about allocating resources to create a space that may be needed, maybe you need to find the time to put some things in place or figure out what path they want to take. There are decisions to be made when you take account of all the resources that are available to you in your life. What we need, what we are looking for is already here. Invest to move into a broader goal.

Because of the 7’s strong spirituality, you embody the signs that you are in, so if Ketu happens to be in the house of Mars, or Capricorn you’ll feel that energy and so on, so you need to focus. Whatever it is you are doing, you are excellent at, but innerstanding that it’s not about WHAT you do, you are going to be successful about it. It’s more about if you ENJOY it. 

Meditation is vital for focus since you are always thinking. There are no failures, only things you learned from. You’d be great at business if it is something you can focus on.

If you’re feeling stagnant, lighten up a bit, laugh a little, because when you’re in that spiritual realm things can be very serious because things can seem different. 

Realign and reposition yourself, there’s no rush in that, writing down all of your jobs, all the things you like doing, all of your experiences that come to mind, and color coat them, the ones that are similar, that have things in common, and once you start to see what the more common ones are or the ones that speak to you. You have to be very refined in terms of being pragmatic in your business sense, in going into a niche, pouring your heart into something that aligns with you and gets your fire going. And the aspect of working on your body can help you feel more vital and have the energy to put time into your project. Which all has to do with reallocating you time.

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