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Coinbase Advanced New Integration Instructions
Coinbase Advanced New Integration Instructions
Updated over a week ago

Coinbase is set to replace its "Coinbase Pro" platform with "Coinbase Advanced" starting December 1, 2023. This change affects users who have integrated Coinbase with Wealthybot.

  1. Platform Integration: Previously, Coinbase had two separate platforms, "Coinbase Basic" and "Coinbase Pro," each with its own account balances. Now, all balances will be consolidated under "Coinbase Basic."

  2. New Features: "Coinbase Advanced" will offer advanced trading options for managing balances in "Coinbase Basic," including the ability to create an API key for automating orders. This feature has been integrated into Wealthybot, allowing users to link their "Coinbase Advanced" API key with BitBrokerTrade. Instructions for this process can be found below.

  3. Automatic Conversion: Existing balances in Coinbase Pro accounts will automatically be transferred to the Coinbase Basic environment by December 1, 2023. Users have been notified about this via email by Coinbase.

Create API link for Coinbase advanced

After you have logged in to the Coinbase website, click on your profile icon at the top right of the screen and select "Coinbase advanced".

Then, on the same screen, go to the "Settings" option. A menu will unfold and in that menu you choose "API".

A menu opens in which you choose the button "+New API Key".

You will be asked to enter your 2FA code.

A pop-up screen will then appear where you must enter the settings of your API.

In this menu you do the following:

You activate all wallets with the top check mark in the image above.

"Check" the following boxes:

  • wallet:accounts:read => For retrieving the balance

  • wallet:buys:create => To create an order (1 of 2 rights)

  • wallet:user:read => To create an order (2 of 2 rights)

  • wallet:transactions:read => To retrieve the order

Press "Create" (at the bottom of the pop-up screen: you may have to scroll down).

The next screen will show your API Key and your Secret Key. Copy these keys to your notepad. You will need these keys in Wealthybot and the keys will become invisible after you close the pop-up screen.

Close the Pop Up screen with the cross (at the top right of the pop up).

Your creation of the API key is now complete. You now have 2 things on your notepad: API Secret Key and API Key.

Then log in to Bitbrokertrade and go to the "Settings" menu and then to "Exchanges". Then choose "Add exchange".

Select "Coinbase advanced", a fill-in menu will appear where you can enter your saved data:

Choose "Add" and your connection with Coinbase advanced is active!

Your next step willbe to link a Trader you can learn how to do so here:

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