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What should I do about extreme self worth issues?
What should I do about extreme self worth issues?
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Coming from Self first being, all is self, giving to yourself, being selfish is being self-less. When you make yourself feel joyful, alive and supported, you’re being present. Don’t feel guilty about giving to yourself first. And doing the work inside to unpack the knots that may be blocking you continually. 

As a 6 being beautiful and abundant, it’s a direct imbalance when you don’t feel yourself as a 6. Check out the Ennealogy site, to get a throughout explanation of the six so you can spot the imbalances. If you don’t establish those boundaries as a 6 people can take advantage of you and your beauty, so that can make you feel less than what you are. You are built for beauty and to reflect that on to others.
Coming back inside is how you innerstand self, this is the pure and rawness, if you’re using the external values to value yourself that’s coming from something that’s not you. In nature you will find that perfection, and then you will find the nature in you, that you are nature. You have to take that time to find that and get that from self. Close the external variables that you might have been computing to determine your wealth.

As a 6 being the life of the party, you got used to other people telling you you’re worth, you need to go in. Tell yourself in the mirror, that you’re beautiful, that you love yourself. Some things you have to take into practice for yourself for being who you want to be. We are all these numbers so be who YOU want to be. If you want to be a happy person, wake up today and be a happy person, by the time you’ll get to the 21th day you are a happy person. That is the self-work, the self-care. Do the work until it is You.
6s have natural magnetism, you exude this when you are when you are in your power. That beauty is that natural magnetic attractiveness. If you go out in nature, look at the flowers, you don’t see an ugly flower, or a late blooming flower, or a flower that got left behind. Allow yourself the blooming, allow that space for you. 

Many of us are always looking for our mission and purpose and to solve the riddle:  YOU ARE the purpose. What is purpose truly but the emphasis to HOW you are doing things. And how much more could you do things but through your own self. You are the mission, you are the purpose, and once you solve yourself, when you figure yourself out, everything else is going to make sense. Do you, because once you realize what’s going on with you its going to unlock everything else.

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